Now you can make any type of Government payment as well as generate Government stamp paper while sitting in your office or home.Six simple steps for making Government payment as well as for generating stamp paper.

  1. Log in at the site by using "guest" as user id and password. However if you want to maintain a complete record of transactions carried by you, then you should get yourself registered online on this site by providing some simple information.
  2. Select the Category and the purpose of payment from the list provided. If the requisite Category or purpose is not indicated in the list, select "others".
  3. In case purpose is selected from the list, then a challan filled up with relevant details of department and head of account will become available and same can be filled up by providing other relevant details. If "others" is selected then select the Govt. department for which payment is to be made and then select the head of account from the list provided. Select the district/sub district where office of the department is located, to which payment is to be made. Fill up other details
  4. In case of payments to be made for Head of account "0030" which requires purchase of stamp paper later on, you need to compulsorily provide your cell phone number and select a security question and give its correct answer. This security question will be asked at the time of generation of e-stamp in case of “guest” user only. A security code will also be sent on your cell phone which will be required to be provided at the time of generation of e-stamp. For other purposes providing details of cell phone and security question is optional, however it is advised to provide the same as then you can have access to various transactions carried out by you even if you are a "guest" user and not a registered user.
  5. The system provides you facility to make online payment by selecting "e-payment" option in challan. However if you desire to make manual payment in a bank situated at any place, then you can select "manual payment" option and the bank and generate e-Challan, which will be valid for next 15 days in case of cash deposit and 12 days in case of cheque/ DD deposit. This challan can then be submitted at the branch of selected bank along with cash/cheque/DD etc. A duly stamped challan "subject to realisation in case of cheque/DD" will be provided by the bank for your record. In case of online payment, e-Challan will be generated online for your record and can be used instantly for desired purpose.
  6. In case you want to purchase stamp paper then just click "e-Stamp" option and fill up the relevant details and answers to security question and security code to generate e-Stamp. e-Stamp can be generated instantly in case of e-payment. However in case of cash payment it can be generated only after a gap of one working day from the date of deposit of cash. In case of deposit by cheque/DD it will be one working day from the date of realization of the amount by bank.

Note :- In case of Receipt related to a various recruitment applications, the validity date can vary depending upon last date advertised on the recruitment agency / department